We got married 04/28/2024
Countdown starts for the baby.









The Couple



leonardo Fernandez

15 January 2001

Leo is a one-of-a-kind individual with a matchless personality. He enjoys creating new stories and adventures alongside Heidi and strongly encourages living in the moment. Leo is the true definition of a larger-than-life person.



Heidi Kaufman

17 April 2000

Heidi, a compassionate country girl, seeks thrilling adventures in her trusty Jeep, embracing nature's wonders. Fueling her passion is an insatiable love for Dr Pepper, which brings joy to each day. She inspires others to make a positive impact, radiating compassion wherever she goes.


The Wedding & Reception

28 April 2024


Ever After Farms Ranch
8501 SW Fox Brown Road
Indiantown Florida  34956
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  • How we met

    04 April 2019

    We were introduced through our mutual friend. One day, during a FaceTime call, Leo happened to be in the background and started chatting with Heidi. However, since our friend didn't share Leo's contact information with Heidi, one night she took the initiative to search for him on Instagram and decided to slide into his DMs

  • The first date

    23 July 2019

    On September 11, 2019, we went to the movies and had a hilarious mishap with spilled Cheetos, which led to the nickname "Cheeto Butt." We also took photos at a booth, played games at the arcade, and enjoyed ice cream from a nearby shop.

  • We are Engaged

    30 April 2023

    Heidi and Leo's engagement unfolded on a serene private island in Honduras. Despite nobody wanting to leave the water, Leo's cousin skillfully managed to capture everyone's attention right after I had taken a tequila shot. As we emerged from the water, my heart filled with excitement as I noticed Leo approaching us, having recovered from a minor "stomach ache." With warmth and tenderness, he invited me into the heart-shaped space he had lovingly drawn in the sand and asked the life-changing question that would forever unite us.

  • Love's perfect venue

    28 April 2024
  • Getting married

    28 April 2024

    With our wedding day in mind, excitement bubbles within us. Surrounded by loved ones, we gather in a place adorned with blooming flowers and twinkling lights. Hand in hand, we exchange heartfelt vows, sealing our commitment to a lifetime of love and togetherness. Time stands still as we say "I do," our souls uniting in that magical moment. A symphony of cheers fills the air, celebrating the beginning of a lifelong adventure, brimming with shared dreams and unbreakable bonds. Beyond the wedding day, we envision a future painted with vibrant hues of love—a sanctuary where laughter echoes, where we find solace and strength. Surrounded by love and blessings, we step into this sacred union, ready to create a legacy of everlasting happiness.

Honored Attendants

Best Man


Pedro Trujillo

Anyone who comes across Pedro can easily discern the remarkable individual he is. In Leo's words, what makes Pedro so special is his "Why not" personality. Pedro is that friend whom he can always rely on for anything, whether it's to plan a spontaneous trip or to lend an ear during difficult times. Pedro has always been there for Leo. Therefore, Leo has chosen Pedro to stand by his side as his best man on his wedding day.

Maid of Honor


Michelle (mom) Kaufman

Right from the start, I recognized Michelle as the ideal candidate for my maid of honor. Throughout all of my significant milestones, she has remained a constant presence, supporting me through every new experience and standing by my side through the ups and downs without fail.

About the wedding

This event adopts a cocktail dress code with a "Blackout Theme".'

A "Blackout-themed" dress code for a wedding typically means that guests are expected to wear all-black or predominantly black attire. It's a unique and stylish way to set a specific tone for the wedding and create a visually striking atmosphere. Here's a breakdown of what this dress code might entail:

All-Black Attire: Guests are encouraged to wear clothing that is primarily black. This can include black dresses, suits, pants, shirts.

Accessories: Accessories like shoes, belts, ties, scarves should also be in black or complement the black attire.

Hampton Inn - Lake Okeechobee
1200 FL-70 east, Okeechobee, FL 34972
Directions from reception & ceremony

Corral Gun Club Cabins & More
9441 48th St NE, Okeechobee, FL 34972
Directions from reception & ceremony

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lake Okeechobee
3101 US Hwy, US-441, Okeechobee, FL 34974
Directions from reception & ceremony

Courtyard by Marriott Port Saint Lucie Tradition
10251 SW Innovation Way, Port St. Lucie, FL 34987
Directions from reception & ceremony

TownePlace Suites Port Saint Lucie
10460 SW Village Parkway, Port St. Lucie, FL 34987
Directions from reception & ceremony

Homewood Suites by Hilton Port St. Lucie-Tradition
10301 SW Innovation Way, Port St. Lucie, FL 34987
Directions from reception & ceremony

Hilton Garden Inn at PGA Village / Port St. Lucie
8540 Commerce Centre Dr, Port Saint Lucie, FL, 34986
Directions from reception & ceremony

No! We kindly request all guests to be 18 years of ago or older; your understanding as we have decided to host an adults-only wedding ceremony and reception, creating an atmosphere where all guests can relax and fully enjoy the celebration. Thank you for your support and love as we cherish this special day together.
Our wedding is strictly RSVP only. We will only able to accommodate those listed on your invitation.
Amidst the captivating embrace of nature, we gather to witness the union of Heidi and Leonardo, as they exchange their vows outdoors, followed by a joyous celebration indoors, creating a seamless blend of natural beauty and heartfelt revelry.

Ever After Farms Ranch Barn
8501 SW Fox Brown Road
Indiantown, FL 34956
No! In respect for the bride and groom's privacy, we kindly request that you allow them the honor of posting the first photographs from their special day. After they have shared their treasured moments, we warmly invite you to share your own captured memories, spreading the joy with our designated wedding hashtag. Let us celebrate together while honoring their moment in the spotlight.


Howdy and welcome to our Wedding Registry! We're mighty grateful for y'all joining us as we celebrate our special day. If y'all are fixin' to honor our union with a tangible token of your love and support, feel free to mosey on over to our hand-picked selection of items. From cozy bedding to wild and adventurous experiences, your contribution will make a real difference in shapin' our future as a hitched couple. We can't thank y'all enough for bein' a part of our joyous celebration, surrounded by love and laughter. Much obliged!

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